CFY Dentures mosquito treatment in Mechanicsville Temperature Changes and Mosquitoes: What You Need to Know

Temperature Changes and Mosquitoes: What You Need to Know

You likely know that a good deal of pests in the United States are seasonal, showing up in certain times of the year and disappearing in other parts of the year. The mosquito is one of the pests that everybody hates having to deal with every year, and one thing you might be wondering about these bugs is just where they go when the weather begins to cool down, since most folks are used to mosquitoes being a summertime pest.

The truth is, while mosquitoes thrive in warmer temperatures, especially those around the range of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, they can still survive in cooler temperatures. Most mosquitoes can still survive in temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When it drops below this range, most mosquitoes will find a warm spot to hibernate, while others will end up laying eggs and dying somewhere.

When do mosquitoes go into hibernation? Mosquitoes will begin to become less noticeable the colder it starts to get outside. Once the autumn air begins to roll in, bringing temperatures in the 50s and below, this is when you can expect mosquitoes to start going away for the year. Typically, they will stay away for about an eight month period, until it becomes to warm up and become spring again.

When the weather starts to warm up again, it will be time to begin thinking about dealing with problem spots in your yard that could be hiding spots for the bugs. This includes any areas with standing water, which can be mosquito breeding areas. One surefire way you can deal with mosquitoes in your yard when the weather begins to warm up is to get in touch with mosquito treatment in Mechanicsville professionals, who will be happy to treat your yard for the bugs so you can enjoy your summer.

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Do this, and you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes again until the time comes around again for the weather to start getting warmer once more.