Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness affecting thousands of people in Jamaica Plain. The condition is sometimes called manic depression. More women experience this disorder than men, although both genders can experience the condition.

There is a lot to know about bipolar disorder. If you suspect that you suffer from this condition or a close friend or family member, you should learn as much information as possible. Knowledge is power and can help you get through this thing called life.

Bipolar disorder has many symptoms. Each person affected by the disorder experiences these symptoms in various frequencies and depths. Sexual promiscuity, sadness, mood swings, irrationality, and many other symptoms indicate a bipolar diagnosis.

Many people treat bipolar disorder with medications and lifestyle changes. While this works well for most people, it sometimes requires extensive help from inpatient mental health treatment in jamaica plain, ma for results.

Lifestyle changes include changes in the way that you live, the things that you do and even the food that you eat. A doctor can provide more information about important lifestyle changes that can help you conquer bipolar disorder.

A few more important facts about bipolar disorder include:

·    Bipolar disorder has many symptoms that mimic classic depression disorder.

·    The mania stage of bipolar disorder has far more symptoms than feeling ‘up’.

·    A person diagnosed with bipolar disorder can experience symptoms of depression and mania at the same time.

·    Therapy can help patients dealing with bipolar disorder.

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·    There are a few different types of bipolar disorder.

Living your life with bipolar disorder is sometimes challenging, but help is out there. The more that you know about the condition, the easier treating it becomes. Use the above information to start your quest for information about this mental illness.